Street Jellyfish Lunch

It’s like a habit at the office where I am working- during lunch to throw away random topics of whatever there is to talk about. If both genders are present, there’s a 60% probability that the topic would be sex, not the serious old jag but the quirky little fuss which we suppose we could not meddle. 40% are of the nonsensical issues like today, which is about street foods and weird merchandises.

Fried nuts, deep-fried-flour-coated-quail eggs, unriped mango on stick, chicken intestines and what? Chicken legs a.k.a. Adidas? Gracious, however the look of it seems illegal. I had enough time to remember I’ve tried munching them and now I’ve realized I have to stop.

Second thing is that a co-worker raised some idea of raising a Moon Jellyfish which is expensively absurd to venture. I have to say, those fishies should never be played at. Although, they were cute, it does not necessary to be considered as a pet or be tanked.


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