Mysterious Rush Gush

I’ve never mentioned to anybody that I am a reader. It’s not that important for someone to know that somebody likes to read or something. But for my case, I’ve actually read all Harry Potter books and digested them. Luckily for me, my other half frequently receives free books from work. Some of them, well mostly…are kid’s books. So that makes sense why I like to draw ‘kids’ stuff or the like.

Recently, (three months actually) I have got this book which I cannot religiously crack and read the last page. Isobelle Carmody’s ‘Little Fur’ (follow her @FIRECATz) was behaving on my desk. I opened it like five times daily but I can’t seem to get the sentences there. Was is the book or is it just me who finally lost my sanity and crack my noodles out of age?

Have I forgotten the things the way they used to? Things that are glued to my to-do list are now watered and erased off.

I want to read a book and draw but things seems to have changed drastically like a rush gush.


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