Accident Gifted Secretly

It is an honor for someone to appreciate the works you thought would never fly high on people’s interest. There are two persons who admire my works. One is my cousin who always utter and express how he was inspired by my undeclared and unchallenged works of art. The other person is my best friend who secretly been telling herself that “I can’t be you” and I, secretly, accidentally read her scratch journal. It is so cool and feels good to know that you have inspired people in any ways that you think possible.
Recently, I have discovered another person who every time I posted my humble works of arts creation, has been saving them on his phone and thinking that it was meant for him.
That’s weird.
So, because I feel a little flattered, I gifted him his own avatar. I mean, every close friend that I know has been asking me with their own sketch of avatar from me. I have been keeping drawing without you guys knowing. It’s just that a few months ago, all of those drawings were torn apart. So sad. Now, I need to find another inspiration. I need to look for some points that will motivate me to draw.

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