Burrito Bistro Bugs


Nowadays, people tend to thrust more on tasting new things. Trying out new dishes and probably spending more just to bug out the usual boring office lunch. If in case you are well fed by the routine dishes, you might want to try eating Burritos at Crazy Cravings at the Jacinto Extension near the Bistro.

I believe that this place is new since I am familiar with the previous store before this diner opened.

I had a minimum cravings with burritos but when I do urge to eat one, I definitely search for the bigger and the heavier one. Crazy Craving’s Chili Con Burrito never failed to put a weight on my toes. I’m not the kind of person who talks about what he eats but this one is sensational. I searched for like- a link on the internet or maybe a blog but couldn’t find any. There’s a review on Sunstar about it you should check it here. Also, they’ve got other detail on their Facebook page I believe this is the one try clicking here.

Anyway, Mexican, Italian, or Korean food, it doesn’t matter, all it takes for food to taste good is a quality customer service.


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