Maja Blanca Memory


Maja blanca is a Filipino dessert made from cornstarch, coconut milk and sugar. I’ve been missing this dessert for years now since I am not living with my mother anymore. During New Year’s eve, my mom would make this one first before all the other food which we are going to eat during the evening. She always makes four pans with it and the best part is that she let us sprinkle the peanut all over the dessert. I’m still loving the taste of it along comes the memory which I will always remember.

Since I am now on my thrill mode about researching its history, I have found out that this is also commonly known as coconut pudding. The original Maja Blanca does not include corn and milk.

Just in case you wanted to know how to make this one, just visit this page:

The linking is not working so just please click the long sentence above.


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