Vegemite Alright Mate


The interesting facts about Vegemites. Yes, you heard right, Vegemite! The first time I’ve heard about this is when a co-employee brought this one at the office. She said it was some sort of a nutritious food supplement of the like. At the time she opened the lid of the jar, there were maggots in it so I had a little bad first impression with it. I just kinda thought it was part of the food like some sort of a twist. It doesn’t look like nutella or a peanut butter. More like a brown spirulina.

So, today, I had a chance to taste the vegemite for the first time. It doesn’t look like eerie for me. Somewhat the same texture with the guava jelly. It’s bitter without the butter. But yes, it tastes good. Did not offend my taste buds but rather satisfied it.

It was also nice to have them served by Michelle and Mathew. Both them, who was so kind enough to bring them here. If it was available here in the market, I’d buy a box of it. It’s too staple to avoid.


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