Healthy Balanced Shit


(Warning: this blog contains explicit content)

Well, I am really pissed off right now. So I’ll just insert some comfortless words in between my cordial sentences to release my stress.

Since last week, I have been fucking thinking about doing some shit Photography and putting it here in my awesome motha-fucka blog. I really don’t know these bullshit. Sometimes, I have these great shitty ideas that I wanted to put into this blog but I feel ceased of fucking doing it since I don’t have the inclined illustration for it. So I feel like I suck mother-fucker. Since I’ve ditched by fucking shit iPhone PicsArt illustration App for a brand new mother-fucker shit head Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch device. SLUT! Which obviously, a very huge dick difference between my old illustrations which you can see if you use your fucking eyes below (from my smartphone) into this drawing above (for Wacom).

Maybe, this fucking probably, I think shit, the only reason why my fucking illustrations have changed is because I was a little too shitty scared to explore or am I just too lazy to do it these fucking days?

Okay, I need to stop.
Well, anyway. what I’m being busy about is doing some healthy routine and trying everything to achieve the wisdom to accept the changes. Adjusting my meat-less diet, fruit-some meal and green leafy and sometimes orange lunch meals. It also goes along with a religious exercise. I’ve been doing some of those running inside the park lately and I’ve been enjoying it sometimes with a friend. Even if it rains, I still have this urge to jog and be in lined with a bunch of people also taking their day offs and doing some exercise.


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