Fine Wheat Bread


Yesterday, I saw one a very huge brown sandwich filled with scrambled egg. The goodness it has brought my mind and I instantly wanted to eat one. During the end of the day, I run for about 2.35 miles at the park and decided to visit the grocery shop to purchase what I consider my mouth watering food for the day. So I compared the white bread versus the fine wheat bread.

Let me tell you something about the goodness of fine wheat bread versus the normal white bread. For every 28 grams (1 oz) probably a normal slice of wheat bread, you’ll receive the following benefits:

1. 70 calories. Lower than white bread which has 75 calories.
2. They both have the same amount of Total Fat which is 0.9 g
3. It has a lower sodium components making it 113 mg vs 139 mg. Sodium helps us to maintain or improve heart performance, nervous system and glucose consumption. Thanks Sodium (Na)!
4. Potassium is 70 mg vs 33 mg of white bread.
5. The win-part is the Fiber component of wheat bread. It has 1.9 g almost 7% of total consumption. Fiber is good for weight loss management, stabilize digestion, skin health, high fiber diet helps reduce the risk of gallstones and kidney stones.

My friend says it’s not about the calorie intake, it should be about the quality of the food that we eat. Well, the good thing is that, in every bit of food that I consume now, I think of it as a chance to experience another tasteful treat. I am beginning to see the values of the food that we eat. The food that we have.

We are what we eat.


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