Ebay To Philippines

Ever since I have opened an account on Paypal I have been window-surf shopping for some stuff on Ebay and found myself salivating for things I know I wouldn’t find here in the Philippines. I tried to purchase first those cheap finds which I think I would need the most, in this case, it’s an iPhone case which I bought from a seller in China. It costs $3.88 around P174.60 when converted. The second item was a pencil extender, the time I bought this one was when I have not discovered about the Morning Light Art gallery in my city. But It’s okay.

I used my Paypal balance for the purchase of all the items that I have selected. Ebay and Amazon usually tracks down the item(s) being bought and will humbly give you a tracking number just in case you wanted to see the validity of your order. You can input your tracking number on PHLPOST , there are also couriers who supports searching for tracking records internationally.

For every item being bought there’re certain fees that you might be asked to pay. In my case, since it’s smaller than a regular envelope, I just paid P 50.00 for the postal fee. For bigger packages, I believe that they will put your items on Pasay City office.

Just to let you know, for over a year of online purchasing, I have not yet felt being discouraged by the items that I have bought not even the ones in China. I also have to tell you that they do arrive earlier than expected.


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