Our Story Begins

IMG_0972 copy

I ordered a sketch book journal on Ebay last month since I am really am not feeling any convenient carrying a huge drawing book on my bag. The package arrived earlier this afternoon from Guangzhou, China and I was literally been jaw-dropped about how high the customs have increased the postal fee for every package being received from abroad. Can you believe that it increased a 100% compared to last year?

It doesn’t matter now that I have this tiny book which I can carry around even inside the toilet. However, I have seen a wallet sketch pad on Google and felt really skeptical about how the seller priced his item.

During my deep trance and shallow thoughts about things being too expensive these days, I have finally realized that I needed to get serious with my sketching since my monetary achievements has been pretty high in demand however my level of mediocrity is such a shit. So, since I have not any idea what to sketch, I just inclined my thoughts to this manila paper wrapped hot pan cakes and foil piece covered mango shake which I bought at the arcade near my house.

These are the normal street foods that a young Filipino student would see outside their school. Today, I will remember all my elementary snack which may have helped me grow bigger or not.


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