Dave The Barbarian


I gathered these quotes from a Facebook fan page and some sort of a Dave the Barbarian web Zings where everybody seems to cooperate and share their effortless yet weird memories about this fantastic, one of a kind, stupid and hilarious cartoon series on Disney Channel: Dave the Barbarian

(if you don’t know this then probably your nothing but a Mayotard).

1. “pancakes, pancakes, eat em with a fork.
pancakes, pancakes, don’t be a dork!” -fang

2. “If i had a pancake… I’d eat it with butter… I’d eat it with syrup… I’d eat it, with a fork.”

3. The Pillage Master: Men know me as the Pillage Master. But you may call me…Gloria.
Dave: That’s a pretty name.

4. Chuckles: I’m a dark lord of evil bent on bringing pain and suffering to an unsuspecting world..and if you can’t trust me who can you trust?

5. Strom: I was talking about the dragon. Not you, uh, little human.
Fang (in love): He guessed my species!

6. Horse: I am so glad to be around people again. I’ve spent so many nights alone, so alone.
Fang: Yeah, you-you definitely need to get him out of the stable more.

7. Narrator: Faffy deals with his sorrow… by completely forgetting about it. Such are the advantages of a one digit I.Q.

8. Fang: I just had an… an… idea!
Dave: I knew it would happen eventually to ya sis

9. I knew an egg by the name of steve
born by a moo cow I believe
wore suspenders pants and a tie
only washed his face on the 5th of july
one day he took a nap in a frying pan
woke up next to sausages
steve the egg, steve the egg
how do you wear pants without no legs?
steve the egg, steve the egg
woke up next to sausages!

10. seagulls seagulls everywhere
they leave their presence in my hair
it gives my scalp a glossy feel
who needs shampoo when you can have real?

11. Chuckles the silly piggy: I’m the master of all evil. THE MASTER OF ALL EVIL! I can’t help it if I have an adorably, curly tail.

12. [Dave is screaming and running around the world and comes across some polar bears fishing]
Polar Bear 1: What was that?
Polar Bear 2: If it ain’t fish, I ain’t interested, that’s my motto.

13. Chuckles the Silly Piggy: Here’s a fork so you can EAT YOUR WORDS!

14. Chuckles the Silly Piggy: They found the weak point! Ooh, I knew I shouldn’t of labeled it!


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