Scorch Trial Review


Photo Credit: WCKD

I was never a fan of the Maze Runner series since the day I have watched it on HBO. The first thing that caught my attention was the Asian guy named Minho. Among all of the actors there, he was the only one I recognized because he’s part of the Wong Fu Production which is before the maze. I felt a little astounded knowing someone from YouTube finally break through the movies. Although I was expecting Niga Higa to be the first person to cut through the big screen.

So, I’ve started reading James Dashner’s book series and was amazed by how he subsequently added peculiar words in my vocabulary.  My favorite word would be “Shuck” a euphemism for the word f**k.

My only question for the director, the producer/s is that why the hell would they alter the ones in the book? I was a bit disappointed by the adaptation although the movie was amazingly stitched. Someone told me that never read a book and then watch the movie. Well, shuck me, you can only make comparisons and it is limitless.

If I have to rate, I know it’s really late, I’d give The Scorch Trial an 8 for over all suspense. 10 for the characters since they’ve established them during the prequel and they’ve added actors and actresses who I thought portrayed the roles as inclined with what is on the book. I’m not just talking about Rosa Salazar but the whole cast, really. But if you’re a fan, that wouldn’t matter.

Just to let you know, I finally decided to become a Dashner.


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