The Kickstarter Pack


My first every project “Sketch Book” idea.

Hey! I’ve got a good design. Let’s print this. No, we don’t have a machine to print it. Let’s ask someone who can let us borrow some equipment! It’s for rent! We don’t have funds for renting.

RENT NO MORE! Introducing KICKSTARTER DOT COM!!! You have a good idea? Let’s introduce it to the public and we’ll do the…

Wait, wait, you’ve got to be kidding me?


Photo: Forex Alchemy

Whatever the cost of your project, it will always boils down to the idea. The world has a huge pot for ideas waiting to be funded, the greater the idea, the higher it is to have someone to back you up on your project. If you happen to have a good idea of a project, be it environmental, educational or civic welfare and you wish to have a crowd funding platform, then Kickstarter probably is the answer. Although I have read a quite issues about how crazy the platform is in terms of the project costs, there were some who stood by its name and made the project come to reality.

Kickstarter funds great ideas based on arts, crafts, music, film and video, fashion, food, photography, technology, journalism, theater, games, dance, publishing, and design. It is a community where people help each other to make projects come to exist.  One project that I have been eyeing for is Ralph Thomas’s Sketch Wallet. It’s basically a wallet sized sketch book for those jiffy ideas which you wanted to sketch and a few compartments for cards and IDs.

The sad thing about Kickstarter is that they don’t have the Asian platform for it. I’ve tried sneaking a dummy account but a permanent address is needed along with an existing debit or credit bank account. Crowd funding is definitely popular on the west and westerners plus Australians are supporting it. So if you have an address except in Asia, then you can create and start your own project for which absolutely, back-uppers will fund you.

Based on the level of your interest, your ideas will definitely come to a true. If there is a wheel, there is a way…or whatever.

My friend and I have these raw concepts about introducing an un-stereotypical brand of idea to a specific market and searched for a crowd funding scoodies and was discussing about how to start using Kickstarter. BUT… we’re in Asia.


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