Narcissistic Facebook Users


Take these carrots because I carrot take them anymore

Suddenly, I woke up and realized I’m the dumbest specie yesterday living on Earth and how I remembered how stupid the people around me have become. 

You know what’s the best part of having a blog? Is that you can instantly go back to a certain memory and read through it while being embarrassed about your grammar. Seriously, why do people waste their time being online posting unlimited photographs of their meal, vacation which nobody would even care and worst – selfies on social sites? I know that there is nothing wrong with it but I think there is

no art in it. Unless of course your face is actually a work of art and by that I don’t mean to be rude and yes I am rude mind you. If you are in my channel right now, you would see Facebook posts as irksome. As what I have said last week, some of the Facebook posts are intentionally posted to generate schadenfreude fanning. I am a product of online-sharing fiasco which started way back Friendster era. But now, after I realized that being attached to social media is an illness. I think everyone misses the whole point sharing photographs online sincerely. Do you really think that your mother or your father will be happy about what you wore last Sunday on your way to church? Does your aunt be feeling glad about how less you ate just so you can lose weight? My whole point is that, don’t go fucked up on Facebook, if you have an argument to settle use the Private Message tool and if you still can’t handle it, why not try Twitter and be a bullshit there which I know nobody will care. Just leave Facebook. Facebook is for narcissistic scumbags. Whoever says Twitter is for losers are brain wrecked.

Why am I bragging about these right now? Because I see a lot of douche bags every where. Because I can’t say these words on Facebook or Twitter. That’s why I did this blog. Anyway, just so I can divert all this cruel nonsense, I finally decided to settle my social sites into a stash full of artworks which I supposed to have finished months ago. I have now a full journal book of whatever water color arts which I may share to the world and again with the thought that nobody would even care noticing. The first set of water color arts are from my box of unidentified heaps. 

Also, I have fixed my social (haha) media sites, no worries, there are no selfies involved. Click the links below to see how douche baggy, narcissistic, scum bag I have become. Sorry for the long post, have some carrots because I carrot take them anymore.



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