Ass Cried Blood


Crackers served as my comfort food when my ass cried blood last week

The wonders of being annoyed too much about everything.

Just when I was feeling a little better striking the keys on this keyboard – I have gone lost for words. But then again, I have one thing in my mind.

Last week, I had a short but most definitely tiring stay at the hospital. I never really planned to tell stories about how I was being injected with IV fluids through needle like device for the first time, but how I managed to get out of bed, walk my way to the hospital – that’s around 500 meters away from home – while withstanding the pain in my stomach. I asked my cousin if I could borrow some coins to call my wife that I’m on my way to the hospital and which I forgot and did not even felt jiffy about it for the pain in my . At first, I thought about how to pay my hospital bills but then again, I remembered I had a free medical services so that wouldn’t matter anyway.

You know what I was being afraid of? I was afraid of losing so much blood coming out of my behind. I have been suffering severe stomach ache for four days and I just told the doctor three. By the time I sat down at the doctor’s clinic, he asked me if I could show him my tongue, and I did it slowly for I was running out of breath, and he abruptly said that I needed to be on the ER and be admitted. I really don’t know what had happened and where I went. All I remembered was there was this doctor asking me to pull my pants down and asked a permission if she could put her finger on my ass. Am I not ass-virgin now or what?

Davao Doctors Hospital is of course, one of the best medical care center here in my city. Aside from its hygienic surroundings, they have been very nice and very accommodating in all sides of the room even if they mean it or not or probably just for the ratings or whatever.

I would not dare to say to be thankful that I had enough rest after getting out of the hospital because of this found illness in my body but I was really thankful enough to recover from the stress and spend time with my son during the weekend and had the opportunity to get him in school and fetch him up. I also had an opportunity to stroll down the suburb Calinan, Davao City and watch people spend their usual Monday afternoon at the Public Market.

I also had time to draw and paint new things on my ‘Story Begins’ sketch journal and share it on Instagram. By the way, my Instagram uploads has been performing really well from 1 likes to 40 likes in just a minute. I think I have my leads now if I stay on track with the Lucky Sketch theme thing.


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