Travel Dapitan City

Zamboanga 6

One of the structures in Dapitan City

A moment of silence as I drew back once again my stashed filthy memories of my odyssey to the untrodden paths of Northern Mindanao. Let me take you to Dapitan City. A place where 2% (I guess) of the Filipinos would not plan to visit.

Most of us probably will recognize Dapitan City as Jose Rizal’s exile point during the Spanish occupation in the Philippines. For me, it looked more like Mindanao’s version of Vigan City but a little more historical I guess.

The city is minute, calm, unpolluted, disaster-less and refreshing since there are no more than 80,000 residents living here according to a 2010 census from the ever reliable Wikipedia dot com.

What the hell am I doing here? Well, there was this feeling of absurd urgency to get out of the over deserted place of Oroquieta City – the place where I have worked for over two weeks – and find a place to take a walk, swim maybe or even ride a Kalesa. That would be awesome!

How to get here? Two choices. Either take a flight to Dipolog City which is a 30 minute bus ride away from Dapitan or take a flight to Laguindingan CDO airport and ride a probably 6 hours to Dapitan. There is also a ferry ride up from Visayas but I am not familiar with that passage.

What to see? Aside from the famous Dakak Park and Beach Resort and Dakak Fantasy Land, Jose Rizal shrine is a must see or must visit place. But anyway, I’m not here to tell you hows and whys and dos and donts. That’s Tripadvisor‘s job and I will tell you things you need to observe while you visit this place.

I always feel a little skeptical about the people I talk to especially strangers. My initial plan was to go and read a book, probably draw on the beach at Dakak. So I after I jumped off the bus, I searched for a friendly looking tricycle driver that’ll bring me to the city proper from the diversion-circumferential road. The sad part during this travel is that I don’t have a good camera with me since of course this was off the record travel. I have a good piece of advice, in renting or riding a vehicle, never ask people around about how much you should pay for traveling from one point to the other. Local habal-habal drivers would ask for a higher rate compared to the suggested fee. So it’s a good start to ask first the police or city officials about the trade fare. In my case, I was asked to pay 300 pesos from Dapitan City to Dakak resort which of course, the normal transportation fee is 20 pesos for one way. That’s obviously a bummer.

I had good driver and I paid him gleefully for his good service he even gave me a trivia. He said, Dakak means Dakung Kakahuyan. Dakak’s area before was full of huge trees of some sort thus, it was named as it is.

Second tip is you should try to walk. Get off your bludger and get those skimpy feet on the street. It’s always nice to see people walking along with you. I actually am not making any point of this whole blogging thing. My mind is full of shucks right now. Yes, anyway, will share you some crippled and demented pictures I took during my solo-flight travel there here:



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