Wisdom Over Illustrations


Sharing values I have earned during my contract with Hoppe Foundation.

It was just last year when I realized how much of great tool Twitter feed is for a freelance artist like me. That’s as much as I can think of myself by the way. During a year working in an English academy, I met Gladys Hornido. She’s by far the most eloquent and charismatic girl (aside from my wife) I came across with. She’s very generous enough to introduce me to her friend Derek Hoppe, an American Japanese based media consultant. She messaged me thru Twitter that he needed an illustrator for his book. So the adventure begins. Derek and I constantly communicate each other through emails and Skype calls. He introduced me as his illustrator on his website here.

The story ‘Raku and the White Witch’ is an 80 page story with 37 illustrated pages. The story isn’t available in English format since it is only distributed in Japan.

During the daunting, stressful and inspiration draining task, I have earned values which I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Guide to Goodness

  1. Talk to your client. Nothing goes wrong if you consider each other’s ideas.
  2. Be humble. No matter how epic your ideas are, yours will be nothing compared to your customers.
  3. Relax but do not procrastinate. You deserve to take a breather to deminish the tensions of negativity.
  4. Be Positive. Even when the world is against you. However, It’s never a regret to have a helping hand.
  5. Dedicate not just your time, your efforts but also your heart. No matter how awful the outcome is of your project, if you put you soul, there’s always this glitch that makes you smile because that’s where your heart is.
  6. Believe that you can do it. Because if you think that one else is believing, at least there’s always this one person who trusts in you and that’s YOU.
  7. Be Passionate. If you are not passionate then there isn’t any work to begin with.

Others might think that we are just a living creature in this world staying for some time, well, maybe they are correct. The scientific revolution says we’re just the bigger portion of the animal kingdom. But remember this: what makes us different from the other creatures is that we (humans) knows how to dream. So why not choose to dream?



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