Sakura Archival Ink


Since the day I’ve discovered Sakura Micron Archival Ink, the pathways to relentless techniques has opened. This disposable technical pen is favored by artists, illustrators and writers because of its reliable permanent inking feature. The quality of the ink is acid-free, chemically stable, waterproof, and fade resistant. It definitely won’t bleed on most papers. Even in your shirt! But seriously, I’ve never done that.

As far as I can remember, I first started with the blue Panda Ball Point Pen. Since those were the only pens that are being sold when I was in Elementary. I tried using Pilot Ball Point Pen but then I discarded it since I was outrageously threatened by this myth that when you drop it, it’s dead gone. Of course, who can’t deny that they’ve got a favorite pen? Here is my top list for the pens that I learned to love:

HBW 2000

But of course, since I am into water color arts now, I have to move on into using fade proof pens. If in case you are planning to do some water color arts, I suggest you use Sakura Pigma Micron Archival Ink Pen.

By the way, a little trivia. Filipinos uses the word ‘ballpen’ to describe the ‘ball-pointed’ pen, but there isn’t actually a word ‘ballpen’ in all the dictionaries. Just PEN.


3 thoughts on “Sakura Archival Ink

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  2. Aren’t the Sakura pens just thee greatest for watercolour and sketches though?! I don’t use anything else when I want to ink something and watercolour it afterwards. Staedtler is good to but I think Sakura is better.
    Anyway, cool drawing!

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