Instant Generate Hategram

random guy

The best time to do some water coloring is when you are alone. Of course, how would you be able to proceed to thinking of what color to use if somebody is talking relentlessly like a donkey blabbering why he only had carrots on his stable?

Today, I have unfollowed all of my followed people on Instagram for the only reason of getting away from it all. Honestly, I don’t think IG is helping me with everything in life aside from showing what I had for lunch which I think is useless because why would anyone be interested about your lunch? Why I have not thought about that stupidity?

Also, I began unfollowing some screws on Insta because I’ve seen enough selfies from these shacks. I’ve seen enough bird’s eye view breakfasts, lunches and dinners I mean what the heck are these people thinking? That’s why I tried to get out of Social Media now because I began to generate hate.

This is the best time to sleep. To shut these mind and begin to dream.


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