Happy Christmas Everyone


The December weather finally hit its mark on the countryside weeks ago leaving us being either chilled through the night or thrilled for the remaining hours until Christmas. A week earlier, I have not yet thought about what gifts to wrap or maybe I haven’t thought about that since Mr. Empty pocket says there aren’t any. But of course, I would not let that happen since this Christmas will be the best because my family and I are together amidst the bustling and stressful year we had.

I’ve spent almost 30 years of Christmases and I haven’t felt this empty ever since. Even if I am dumb founded about my lack of interest to be joyful, I still have two reasons why I should stay enthusiastic about it. 1. Because right as of this moment, I realized how good of a memory to celebrate Christmas as a kid. My early childhood Christmas was filled with so many surprises and aspirations. My favorite probably is when I caught my mother hiding those presents on her cabinet. Also, seeing those wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree with me and my brothers’ and sister’s names on it.  The excitement of being awaken from the loud thunder of fire crackers outside our house on the streets, those cold spaghetti my late grandmother would cook, my mother’s maja blanca, the tiny fruits on the round table. Those late night TV shows and the thought of visiting my cousins and receive gifts from my aunts. Yes, that was my childhood Christmas celebration. Simple and satisfying. 2. Because everything changed now and I have to pass on my happiness to this one guy I know who is more excited than me on the holidays. Yes, I have to create my own mystery for him to remember when he gets older.

This is what Christmas is all about. It’s about giving joy especially to the kids and as an adult, the kids’ happiness is also ours to keep.

Merry Christmas to all of you. May the joy in our hearts be filled with laughter and contentment. May all the blessings in the world be upon you and your family from now and forever.


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