Blogging University Post

This is my ‘Who I am and why I’m here’ post for Blogging University: Blogging 101. At least they gave me an idea on what to post.
This blog, which actually started on 2009 was intentionally created privately to stash in my most stupid nonsense and to simply put an activity to my idle time at work during when I was still in the Korean Academy. I felt kind of bummed sitting and wasting my time reading social media posts so I decided to make my own life story in private. It was just recently (2015) when I decided to open up my noodles to the public; because I was influenced and inspired by the Lucky Sketch Production Team which I also organized (stupid me).

As you might noticed (assuming you’ve read every post I made), I grew up from being a nonsense jerk into a full matured thinker-blogger. My posts went from grinning pineapples and plain watermelons into a traveling philantropist. I became mature with my posts but with a touch of insanity.
My posts are basically based upon what I have painted on my Lucky Sketch journal since it is there where my story started. The blogging comes afterwards. Then I started to blog about traveling and about food because someone told me I have to since I’ve been to many places here in my country and I’ve never thought about writing and telling stories about the places that I’ve been-which is sad.

I want to tell people that ranting on Facebook is just a waste of time. I believe that schadenfreude fanning is not a good idea. I wanted to connect with people who are also interested in blogging specifically in sketch blogging. Sometimes I also think of influencing people to do blogging because it exercises your brain to think.

I wasn’t actually thinking about my blog to be successful during the beginning of it but seeing I can help people to be inspired through blogging then I can consider that as a success. But seriously, I wanted this blog to generate income so I can ditch my day job and continue to write and draw. Wishful thinking.

P.S. The photo was taken yesterday on my way downtown.


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