Twentyfirst Century Business


A note 19 days ago.

Last night, although a bit dizzy, I went to attend a business forum with the topic ‘The 21st Century Businesses’ at the Apo View Hotel. I went there with Lhaiza because she was the person who invited me to the event. I’ve known her since high school. Attending seminars, symposiums and talks isn’t new to me. I’ve been to countless sit downs and listening tos from speakers and it doesn’t really bother me to pay an hour of my time to participate and be filled with information as well as be fed with entree.

I’ve never thought that this was a USANA event. I’ve been a USANA essential user for the whole year of 2013. It was another friend who introduced it to me because she thought that my allergic skin needed it. I’ve got positive results during the period of using the essentials since my allergies were constantly diminishing. I stopped using it because of the drowsy side effect. Since then, I’ve rejected a friend’s invitation to start the business with USANA. They’ve got really good marketing skills and that includes derailing your health, saying things that you’ll die early and you looked very stressed, you looked very matured, you looked too tired and then they’ll eventually sell you their products.

The thing about these strategic selling is that they don’t really sell you the products. They sell you the plan in which you will purchase first hand the strategies that they will teach you in order for you to sell it to another person. Thus, the pyramid scheme begins.

If you buy the the kit, that probably costs around 500 USD-600 USD. With around 10 or more products in it. That automatically makes you the first customer for buying it. And then the ‘team’ will teach you how to sell what you just bought, so that the amount you invested will return. They will then give you point which you can convert into cash to motivate you with your purchases. The person invited you becomes your mentor and he/she profits from your earnings and then eventually teaches you how to be like him/her.

My reason of attending last night’s talk was to listen about the 21st century businesses not 21st century boasting about the speakers’ success story. He was talking about himself for two hours and I was like wasting my time. This JM person is full of himself. He is not inspiring.

Just a thought: Let another person praise you, not your own mouth; a stranger not your own lips. Proverbs 27:2.



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