Fancy Spare Ribs


You know what, I’ve never really been a fan of spare ribs not until it was served during the holidays last year. This probably is the best spare ribs that I had since it was remarkably consumed with a stemware.

We’ll make it part of our New Year’s tradition. A glass Welch’s red wine on Pinot noir and my Father-in-law’s Fancy Spare Ribs. Wouldn’t that be nice?


22 thoughts on “Fancy Spare Ribs

  1. Quotes Challenge: Australia – LeennasCreativeBox

  2. really? I actually didn’t know anything about it except to put it in my mouth. I always thought they use a specific rice. That is a nice suggestion. Can I use that sentence? “As you know, gimbap is a “flexible” food. It could be anything from brown rice to kimchi and steak.”


  3. I had a draft about ‘How to cook’ Gimbap using Filipino Rice.’ Have not really thought about posting it on my blog. I remembered it when I’ve read your Korean Traditional Kimchi post.


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