No Neck McGee


How could someone tell a story about something you wanted no one to hear about?


Let them read your thoughts. And by thoughts I mean the written ones.

Today I will tell you something about how I ended up having a neck. Well, that’s what’s on my mind right now. 13 months ago, I had an oily face, a protruded lips, cheeks as if a bubble gum ball was inside it, my jeans buttons always leaves a mark on my belly and every time I sit down, I always inhale deep so as I won’t destroy my pants. What’s worst is that I’m like no-neck McGee. I have no neck. My chin extends from face to my collar bones. So I decided to tone down a bit and remove soda, cola, gin, beer and vodka out of my intakes and studied how I can reduce my weight from 69 kilograms up to my minimum BMI (Body Mass Index). To calculate your BMI just click here.

The first thing I did was to find a way to enjoy a routine without my diet being taken for granted. I started to walk at the park and watch how people do they exercises. I’ve met some friends there and asked about any kind of routine which I can use for as a starter. She suggested I should try run walk 2 kilometers at first and then run for a kilometer. Then for the following week, the bar will be set for another kilometer in each task. I used the Nike+ Running App to track and take note with my running records. The good thing about this app is that you can invite friends who are also into running and then you try to compare each progress that you’ve made and share some ideas and experiences along with it.

Of course, a good exercise habit needs a very good diet. Diet, for me, isn’t about the abstinence of something, it’s how you reallocate those thing into your body. Since I am a starter, I tried to settle first my digestion and defecation. So I had a high fiber diet during the first two weeks. I posted about my high fiber diet at Fine Wheat Bread. The next thing is I tried to calculate every carbohydrate intake and the carbs that I need to burn. I ate less pork, less chicken and more of the greens. I basically ate all the vegetables I did not wanted to ear before and now I am comfortable eating my greens. Every now and then, I tried to eat more fruits than before. So instead of having a meal with a rice during dinner, I replaced it with an apple, corn cob, potato, cucumber and oranges. That went well for about three months. And in 5 months time, I lose 12 kilograms.

Now I can see my neck and can comfortably sit in any position I desired. I can run 6 kilometers every day. Can walk up to 10 kilometers if I wanted to.

Right now, my plan is to eat.



8 thoughts on “No Neck McGee

  1. Thank you for your constant patronage. Indeed, it was a tough process. I hate to admit, I was admitted to the hospital because of runner’s disease and as of now, my goal is to get back to eating.

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  2. This is so excellent Lucky… 🙂 Good on you! It’s a tough process because when overweight, a person has that much more weight to carry around when they motivate themselves to exercise. It can be disheartening because it feels like a major disadvantage (ex. Running up stairs is more difficult, doing pushups is more difficult). By sharing, I’m hoping it holds you accountable and keeps you going… I support you in your goal. ^_^

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