Courtesy Art Two


Another courtesy art to Geralyn Ann for She thinks my cartoons are cute although I never really intended them to be. But anyway, thank you for your admiration. It keeps me moving forward!

What’s going on lately?

I’ve finished three books; The Tales of The Beedle and the Bard, The Diary of a Young girl and a parenting book from a work mate which helped me to improve my taking care skills. I also found my aunt’s stashed Reader’s Digest in a box. There are 5 issues in all so I started to dig into them that right now and have discovered there are interesting stories in it.

What’s the sad news?

I’ve disregarded another illustration project. This project was supposed to be part of UniFrutti with viewers from companies in Japan. I decided not to accept the project because of a very personal and really hard to explain reason.

So for now, I made myself busy reading emails from random people asking for sketches and finding time to do them. Which is good because it keeps me thinking about them.



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