The Last Wedding


This smoke filled pot is dedicated to the person whom I was being affianced six years ago. My betrothed, my promised, my absolute ineffable everything – my wife. Happy Birthday!

If ever you were wondering what’s with the smoking pot, well, my wife and I actually had our first wedding set on a Traditional Bagobo Wedding Rites with spiritual rituals that includes seeking for blessings from the Manama (the Bagobo God) in forms of burning pieces of wood and oil on a pot. Of course, it’s for the fulfillment of his father’s traditions of engagement as they were the only remaining Bagobo family in their town. Sad to say, but our wedding was the last Bagobo Wedding Rite in their tribe. Their population is slowly decreasing faster than what I’ve been told about the Australian aborigines. I think some of the Bagobos decided to focus on the 21st century engagement which has everything to do with a very expensive photo shoot covers on Facebook and or on Instagram.

I truly respect the tradition, the rituals, the people and most definitely the place that I earned interest specifically in the language that nobody speaks except my Father-in-law who spoke fluently.



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