Tattoo Liberation Front

“I don’t like people with tattoos.”

I’ve heard this once from an acquaintance and it puzzled me knowing such unsophisticated rule still exists even if we are on the 21st century Facebook era. Hate is such a strong word and I instantly felt it the moment I have been addressed with that statement. But I hate to hate. So I try not to do it, instead I try to learn to understand.

Why do some people think that having tattoos are form of evil? Maybe because most of the people shown on the media with it are inclined with violence such as persons in jail. But that’s just lame one-man point of view. It’s a common saying that ‘your body is your temple.’ It doesn’t say hers or his or theirs. So there’s no reason why you should judge other temples except only yours. Saying ‘I don’t like people with tattoos’ or ‘I don’t like dark skinned people’ and the like, is just like saying ‘Your’e not like me’ and having that thought generates selfishness of understanding only of what you believe.

I have once recommended a friend for work but had been rejected automatically once the employer sees the intricate tattoos on his right arm. It’s difficult to understand what it has to do with the work that only requires to sit and to strike keys. This has something to do with the negative information we see or hear.

Tattoos for me are voices being printed on skin. If someone believes that they are just printed as to promote self worth, then so be it. These are art forms of permanent ink written on flesh. Those who do not understand tattoos do not understand the depth of emotions being attached.

I have once made an art form tattoo for a friend and he has gone through a lot of tribulations which includes his mother’s death. As he cannot express the longing for her absence, he decided to print her mother’s name on his flesh.

I’ve also read a post on Facebook about discouraging parents to have tattoos because it will send a negative message to their sons or daughters. This is another reason why I left that social media fiasco as some of the rants are one sided bullshit.

Why I came up with this thought? Because I’ve heard a friend who decided to have a tattoo and that one liner statement above was raised in front of her from another. I don’t just don’t like people instantly. I try to understand first the situation, write something about it, ignore, move on and then go back to my life.

Do what makes you happy but don’t step on  someone else’s foot. In case you never stepped on their foot and they judge, then go back and smash their foot anyway. Just kidding.


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