Cake Muffin Coffee


Because that’s what it’s supposed to be, I bought a little cake snack and a single muffin to celebrate this day.
You see, I decided to travel away from home to think and to gather my shattered puzzle; to perk up a little bit and just don’t think about anything or anyone in particular. But you know it’s really hard to do that nowadays since there are countless of reasons to be distracted and that includes this PS3 and those password-less wifis everywhere.

I’ve been endlessly blogging nonsense for quite some time now even though I reached a need to niche and apply relevant innovations to my site. But then I always still feel I’m not that good enough when it comes to writing and creating absolutely sensible articles. For some, it’s easy to write and to figure out their thoughts instantaneously. I don’t really know why I feel there is a need for me to write. Maybe because this is just another art for me to release or am I just so stupid to feel that I will miss every inch of the past? You know what, that’s just shit. 

For now, as the time being, let me just enjoy my cakes and my coffee. I’m just gonna sit and and watch my mouth on the mirror swallowing these foods. That’s actually awesome weird. 

Good night.


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