My Birthday Blogpost


Hey! This is my birthday post. I’m actually writing this 7 days ago and before I turn away from the Calendar (actually I feel like I should be sounding like it’s a big deal) I just wanted to settle this disturbed soul who feels like it’s gonna be a rotten tomato anytime sooner. If everything went just as planned, I’d be on the wide beach of Davao Oriental right now, staring at the clueless waves of the ocean folding endlessly as it reach the shore. I’d be at the Aliwagwag Falls trying to swim my way in the depths of the waters and stepping on the huge stones molded by nature or probably I’m just at the pineapple fields in Barring, looking up at the great Mt. Apo from afar of which I supposed to have climbed by now. That’s all the possibilities that I have planned during this day (March 13, 2016) and I only have days before I choose to make it happen.

You know how it is right now? It sucks big time. I’ve been waiting for over a year now for this one hell effing opportunity and it hasn’t been moving forward. The worst part is that I’m not doing anything to make it happen. I’m just waiting here like a scumbag bastard for the apple to fall. That’s the most stupidest thing I could admit as of this moment but as it is always hard to swallow the truth.

If my prophecy (of being away from home this day), I hoped that everything’s going to be fine even know I truly believe that it will be.

I can’t like, feel depressed anymore or in any ways anyhow.

If there’s a birthday wish if I wished to be fulfilled, then I wanted it to be just not being sad.


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