Davao City: Face Mask Trend


I’ve decided to build my own social firewall by wearing a surgical mask everywhere I go. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to someone but I am just trying to avoid conversations. That’s all. I don’t know why flu masks in Watsons are getting out of stock, but I still see people wearing them around the city especially the ones with designs.

I’ve read about an article way back in college that a normal healthy teenager in Japan wears a flu mask to build a social firewall. Which means- along with earbuds, facemask is another reason not to engage in a conversation. In this fast paced world, I noticed that when alone at a place like in a mall for instance, people are trying to avoid conversations and that includes me.

The number of people you see in Japan wearing surgical masks or flu mask is a bit surprising. Japan, of course, has an alarming number of hard working people and the only way to continue to work is to not be ill. I guess that’s the main reason for it. However, it’s interesting that for some, hygiene probably isn’t their reason and I hope that here in Davao City, the reason wouldn’t be about a certain illness or worst – KPOP.


11 thoughts on “Davao City: Face Mask Trend

  1. I’ve never thought about masks as a social firewall either! I lived in Okinawa and saw people wearing masks a lot, but my sense of it was that the Okinawan people were so considerate, they didn’t want to protect others from catching their illness.

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  2. Nice drawing! I’m used to seeing facemasks all the time. (I live in China and the air is often polluted, but they were also used all the time in Korea even though the air wasn’t as bad. Often there, they used them for germs, I think.) But it’s so interesting to think of them being used as a conversation avoider. The thought had never even crossed my mind, but I can totally see how it would work that way. And it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what how some people see them–we really are forgetting how to talk to others and really do purposefully tune-out by putting the ear buds in our ears.

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