Short Story: Valley Of Void


Hello guys! I am sorry this story is an unedited version of the ‘Valley Of Void.” I’ve written this last year 2015 out of boredom. I hope you’ll get stupefied by how I stupidly written this stupid story.

“Juliard and The Valley of Void”
by Jake Cuamag

Juliard Dumphrey, 32 years old, has been working for 8 years now and he hasn’t saved enough money for his future. All he did was drink beer, go out with friends, play cards, go somewhere there is nothing to do. Stay in bed, work hard, save some money for a celebration, spend everything on whatever he wanted to buy. He’s such a loser guy that his parents always asks him to build his own wall and have his own family. His only escape was his music. He loved music so much that he made 16 songs about how awfully dreadful perosn he is. He never really wanted no one to listen to his music. So he keeps creating beautiful things – music, even if nobody would never be able to hear.

Juliard is such a loser person that no knows except him. Why? Because he keeps telling his friends that he’s been doing good with this and that but nearly split his tongue into lying.

One day, he decided to get him a wife. He started dating Katie Barker. A 28 year old financial analyst who has everything she planned and wished for. For Juliard, she was the perfect girl to wake him up from insanity. He started to prove Katie that he has the “it” for a perfect husband. He tried everything, he quit his passion in music, he sold every bit of his possession even his prized bass guitar. He worked in a top company which landed him at the top position. He claimed it.

10 years later, he succeeded, he owned his house, he married Katie and had two daughters to keep everything passionate and loving. Julliard worked so hard for his family. Gave everything they needed, gave up everything he needed. Provided anything they ever wanted. It was a perfect family.

Julliard disappeard.

Died maybe.

Never heard of him.

No one knows.

He’s just gone.


I’m so sorry I suck at writing stories.


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