Who Moved My Cheese?



First thing, I would just want to thank a friend; my workmate – who shared me the ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ story. Who I think did her best to become the very best version of herself. As she clearly insists that she wanted the kind of remarks, the gestures and the silly jests that I often release at our normal office conversations; to be witty, sarcastic but not ill, willed and definitely be humorous (if YOU are reading this, please don’t deny the credits).

I actually have heard about Dr. Spencer Johnson’s ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ story months ago. I knew it’s such a good read as it was often been suggested by this friend at work and asks me a couple of times ‘who moved your cheese?’ I have forged my clear insights of who I can relate my state based on the characters of the story right in the middle of the whole eBook.

The story has two basic things; the cheese and the maze. The cheese is a metaphor. It can mean anything, anyone or any time based on what you understand of the story. Let it be your current job, your past relationship/s, your future dedications and maybe your vacation to Taiwan or to where ever your emotions can settle. The maze is the symbol of the place where your cheese can be found. Which means it’s the city where you live or you wanted to live. The story also includes four characters of which you can relate to based on their different experiences with successes and failures during the whole course of the maze. After reading the story ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’, It helped me see things differently and understand the changes that is happening into my life right now. But before I could tell you who I am most likely to be amongst the four characters, you can read the whole “Who Moved My Cheese” story HERE so you won’t be lost in the metaphor world. But if you’ve already heard or read the story, ignore the link and please continue reading below.

Now, I’m telling you which of them (the four characters in the story) I
can relate to without a doubt. I am most definitely more like Haw. I found my Cheese station C when I was working in a bank. I believed that was what I was looking for and have worked hard for it to receive it. During my third year working as a banker, I never really planned to move my cheese as I know it’s getting bigger and better. I began to doubt that my cheese was being moved by someone when I was being relocated to places of which I am not feeling comfortable with. I decided to leave the Cheese station C after four years of working in the bank. I am more like Haw, feeling insecure, feared, uncertain and also depressed with the decision that I made when I left my Cheese station C.

You wouldn’t believe how depressed I am with that decision and that during the course of searching for my new cheese, I considered going back to that Cheese station C. Of course, when I visit the Cheese station C, I can still see little people who are there searching for the cheese that would never come anyway. I used that strength to go out in the maze which I am in right now. Still looking for the cheese that suits me very well. Yes, I am Haw, suffering but chose to laugh it out loud and write every bit of pain, happiness, failure, success and freedom during the whole adventure in this labyrinth of suffering (the maze) so that everyone will know that life is at constant change and fear is always there to remind us that we have a choice to change.

I choose to change.

I may have not found my cheese yet but I am
most definitely not going to let my fears pull me down.


6 thoughts on “Who Moved My Cheese?

  1. aside from the people followers here on WP, I have shared this to one of my colleague who have left the company three days ago. He’s most definitely can relate to Haw, just like me. Searching and pursuing to find the better cheese…

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  2. Thanks for sharing this amazing story! If not for you, I would never have found it, so thank you for pointing out this post to me. 🙂 The story itself and your courage and determination are very inspiring.
    Good luck with pursuing your dreams!

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