Philippines’ Next President


Thanks for the Davao Graphic Designers Community for featuring me on their site.


I’ve never been this so involved in the Philippine politics not until I realized that my beloved mayor is being oppressed by negative criticisms. To make more sense, I’ve never even drawn a politician’s image in my entire life. For those who judged him by what the media is feeding them, I consider them fools. Yes, he talks shit and curses things or whatever but his excellency in leadership cannot be denied. He made my city safe. He made my city clean and he made the people here – the diverse culture, different religions and creeds be united. Who would even think that Davao City was once a drug infested place?

For those who are still being fooled by what the other candidates are throwing to Duterte, can you please do a little research? Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s credentials and his altruistic, benevolent behaviour is enough reason why he should be the next president of the Republic of the Philippines. He has the heart and the passion to save the country.

Today, I will dedicate my attendance at the miting de avance because I love my country so much it deserves a good leader.

Wake up people!


Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte


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