Life’s Little Malfunctions


Have you ever had that moment where you actually don’t know what to do and you constantly blame yourself for not taking actions instantly? Or maybe you just thought that there are certain things which are important to you but you didn’t just take time to notice?

We all have our priorities and I think whatever they may be, I am certain you all accept each side of that decision – since it’s your priority, it means you’ve already decided to push through with it whatever the cause. If it pains me, that’s part of the plan.

I had a dinner last night with someone who is important to me. Everything was then all about being grumpy and why I ended up being like one. Of course, I couldn’t tell the world about my mystery, so it was enough that for once I will tell someone all about it.


The deliciously spicy foods deserves my tears

I just wanted to say sorry to all those whom I have shed my sarcasm and received my grumpiness for God’s sake. I still cannot put into the table my life’s little malfunctions because figuratively, I also do not understand my situation. All those things that I carry behind my back was then blown out in an instant – all thanks to the food. Then again, I thought this night was for me. Of course not. I couldn’t put myself at the centre of the universe. There are still a lot more important things in this world. One of that is this “someone’s” concern about how not to be single just because everyone wants her not to be.  I have to put it this way: Praise the woman who can handle herself for she will come a long way.

By that, I mean, being single is not important if that’s not your priority. If it is, just be sure once you’ve come of age, you accept the fact that you chose that trail because you are 100% sure you won’t feel alone. There are so many reasons to be happy about and I’ve got a thousand of them written in a book. My problem is that I couldn’t feel them. I just simply read them. And for this ‘someone,’ I believe her possibilities are endless.

I’m still right here.


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