Arts Appreciation Week


I wonder why I have lost my interest in taking pictures that I do not have images of myself being around everywhere. Maybe I was influenced by my other half that she too didn’t fancy having herself being photographed.

This week, I have been into two art exhibits in town. One at the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao. Staring at these crafts, made me go into trance and be transfixed into these images which made me wonder why I couldn’t do painting any longer. I wonder also why I didn’t venture into oil painting and 3D arts – ditched digital. Oh yeah! I know, it’s too expensive and maybe it’s not just part of my interest. The other art exhibit was in a mall where three portraits has some resemblance with the kind of art that Clyde (just some artist that I know) does. What’s great about art exhibit, for me, is that it makes me feel two different things. One is how I awfully am disfigured about what’s behind the story of the painting. Two is how I felt seeing it. I don’t know if it is just me or does everyone feel the same way as I felt being transfixed, emotional or attached to all the arts that I see.

Maybe it’s just me.

So, since I didn’t have much idea of taking pictures of myself. I asked a stranger to do it for me while facing backwards staring at some of the arts on one of the galleries that I’ve visited.



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