Short Story: The Stride Of The Lady In Sunday Dress And Her Unspilled Cup Of Tea


“The Stride of the Lady in Sunday Dress and her Unspilled Cup of Tea”

My colleagues and I decided to create a story using Google Docs based upon our experiences working with the current company that we are working with. Since we are using an online Word Document, everyone who was being invited through email, has the chance to add up, edit and write any events, stories or whatever he / she wishes using the characters being provided here.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Lady In White Sunday Dress With Red Marijuana Prints – also known as L.I.W.S.D.W.R.M.P, bewildered, insolent nonsense fool, hag, faggot, mediocre humor, profound insanity, lack of demeanor, intense search for compassionate no-strings-attached love. Loves coffee during lunch breaks. She’s also beautiful and one of a kind wart hog. Many admired her but no one dared to court her for the fear that they will be rejected. But little did they know that she is just a simple girl with a modified tattoo of a koala’s genitals on her cheeks waiting for her knight in shining armor -Francis Escubedo.

Francis Escubedo – An elderly rich complicated man who loves to eat cheese and talks about politics while waiting for the change to come and when it arrives he says his utmost gratitude in an awkward silly manner. He monitors his account in five computers all the time even when it’s not payday and says thank you a lot when there is no need at all.

Greggory A. Seguerra – Passionate about love’s intentional heartaches which makes him avoid every bit of chances to fall in love especially with the Lady in white Sunday Dress with red marijuana prints. He despise Francis Escubedo without any reason at all. He speaks of this certain girl, his love of his life, but no one, so far has seen that woman yet. An imagery of absolute delusion.

Two Handsome Gentle Young Men – Always the antagonists. Not anyone has seen these two but their voices shouts in incandescent manner. Their intention is to abolish the protagonist as soon as possible.

The Vertically Challenged Passive Unimpressive Girl – She reeks havoc in between the unlikely couple. She is like a plant nurtured with so much love and care by her owner but dared not to bear fruits. She used to be so lively and full of love but her heart was crushed by this boy who must not be named. Their story started and ended in automobile.

The Boy Who Must Not Be Named – He just cried one day because he can’t handle the smell of fear anymore. He despise rejection but is often rejected. He secretly, deeply, madly, truly in love with the protagonist. Now Playing; Truly , Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden

Lorde Valdemart – The ascetic nomad who can smell wrath albeit the absence of nostrils. They are best friends with Francis Escubedo and they talk about women, politics, AF.

Lyn From Las Vegas Yoowezay – Talent coordinator in search for “etin to twenty four years old with flisshing fersonality and a dessar for an exxxxciting new life. Ep so, this offurshunity mibi for yew.” She will eventually have to choose between the two handsome gentle young men because they possess the qualities she’s looking for not just in career but also in love.

Cynthia Patag Gutom – Starving, always in famine state, hungry AF.


The story revolves around The Lady In White Sunday Dress With Red Marijuana Prints as she search for her one true love while holding a cup of tea.


The Part Where I Met Him And The Part Where It All Ends

She was pouncing on her way to the iced coffee shop when she came across the most loathsome being ever imagined (for the purpose of this short story) – Lorde Valdemart: He-Who-Has-No-Breathing-Holes. She wondered “have I not been competent enough for you to acknowledge my political insights? Am I not qualified for you to hear? Am I worthy of your criticisms that my preferences bothers you?” Then Lord Voldemort used his power to smack the Lady In White Sunday Dress With Red Marijuana Prints down to her calloused knees. Her face full of green freckles and her mucus membrane exploded relentlessly. She was bleeding to death. Bleeding enormously that anyone could tell she’s about to kick off the bucket. “No one asked for your opinion you foul mouthed wart hog!” roared Lord Voldemort. The Lady In White Sunday Dress With Red Marijuana Prints shrieked and her panties broke into half. “Nooooo!” She shouted. “I have not fully paid those Natasha panties! Why you fool!? Why?” Lorde Valdemart sat there picking his nose. He grabbed the Lady In White Sunday Dress With Red Marijuana Prints’ jaw. Opened her mouth and dropped the dried mucus into her tongue. “Do you fancy the taste of the dirt from my nostrils?” He asked. She coughed heavily while saying “I thought you don’t have a nose?**” the Lady In White Sunday Dress With Red Marijuana Prints was puzzled. “I had it foreclosed months ago before I was branded He-Who-Has-No-Breathing-Holes.” Lorde Valdemart too was confused. He let her go thinking it was the right decision to make at that time. He covered his extremely pale face with his extremely awkwardly white phalanges. “How could she managed to tell me that I have this awful incapabilities?” As he knelt in shame, she bellowed “this should not be happening to me!” At the same moment the Lady In White Sunday Dress With Red Marijuana Prints ran off slowly as to not let her cup of tea spill. She skipped carefully while whispering to no one else “This is my one and only chance to escape this selfish bald creature. Such a shame to not be able to breathe through the nose.”

**typical error




The Lady In White Sunday Dress With Red Marijuana Prints who decided to buy iced coffee for the hope that her one true love, which is by the way, the old man who is an engineer by profession, will notice her. She pushes herself to her boundaries because that’s what she really is. A lady full of assumptions and desperations. Pushing herself to someone who does not even care half an inch although she is loved by everyone and by everyone means herself because herself’s counterpart is twice the population of the Earth. That’s how enormous she is. Imagine a golf course. Her waistline is the equator. You could miss Game of Throne’s season when she passes in front of you.


The Part Where The Old Hag Found The Lady On The Road Less Travelled


For four hours she traversed into the untrodden paths on the valley of lost souls  with her concealed cup of tea.  Slowly walking on the dark alley she mumbled “I hope this tea won’t spill.”


The Part Where The Unsung Heroes Are Being Held Prius Champions Of The World

This chapter is dedicated to the two handsome gentle young men. Amicable, ultimate hunks. Every girls’ dream. Heart throbs. Head turners. LIE. COMPLETE LIE. Haters gonna hate. Losers will always be losers. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. In this chapter, everyone is entitled to dream… an ELUSIVE dream..

For The Lady In White Sunday Dress With Red Marijuana Prints, it’s nightmare. Her face is the nightmare. Nightmare in the sense that those pretty girls are afraid of her simply because she’s the fairest of them all. Beauty, brains, name it she embodies it. She asked herself “how can I face my problems if my problem is my face?”

From that day on, she never sleeps because nightmare haunts her every night whenever she tries to sleep. Everyday, when the Lady in white dress with red marijuana prints is walking on the street holding her unspilled coffee, people are staring at her with scared face thinking she is a walking dead. Her 8 layered eye bags sag down her face. However, she is cute and awesome.

Since she never sleeps, she has a heavy eye bags. There was this guy who mistook her as a baggage counter. Everywhere she goes, she is always booed, some would even pay for her fare because she’s such a low level creature, she couldn’t afford a toothpick, but being the independent woman that she is she gladly declines it, smile and walk away to home.

The Lady In White Sunday Dress With Red Marijuana Prints is an inappropriately confident, delusional, crazy but so beautiful and young looking that looks like a living and walking cadaver. Everyone admires her and the kids wants to be like her. She is like a star and she shines so bright. Like an anglerfish at the bottom of the Pacific Rim.

The old man of the two young handsome men as told in the story, feels so old that he decided to change his hair color but alas it doesn’t suit him. He looks like a gay waiting for his next prey. But suddenly, The Lady In White Sunday Dress With Red Marijuana Prints realized she was looking at the mirror. She cried AF because she couldn’t believe that her ugliness has gone too far.

The Lady In White Sunday Dress With Red Marijuana Prints was once being casted in The Walking Dead as the final boss battle.

The Lady in White Sunday Dress is so admirably awful to stare at. You will feel you’re the ugliest human being simply because she is quite stunning. When you see her, your eyes will be feeling as if being stunned by a killer bee.

But, as stated earlier: Everyone is entitled to dream… an ELUSIVE dream. The lady in a white dress with red marijuana prints is abusing the promo. She dreams beyond elusiveness.

I’ll come back later




Since this write-up is collaborative, the story may change from here and on. If you wanted to contribute to the story you can leave a comment below with your email.

Thank you very much for keeping up with us!


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