I Need Rice


I haven’t eaten any rice for five days and it’s making me ill. #AsianProblems

I was substantially busy last weekend why I wasn’t able to peek in here for about 10 days. I’m doing this half asleep so please expect nonsense unless this post will be accidentally published on purpose.

Last week, Monday, was the start of my formal Korean Language class in preparation for TOPIK this November 2016 or worst July 2016. I was expecting too much of my classmates that there’ll be BigBang or IKON fans looming everywhere but luckily there were no krung krungs on my class. Just three ladies from the suburbs with their personal intentions why they are studying hangeul which I still haven’t asked and two boys from wherever they came from which I also didn’t have much time asking or bothered even. I  am expecting that our teacher will be a Korean native but she’s Filipino all the way with full credentials and experiences.

Yes,  our 성생님 (teacher) was legit. I easily learned Korean 기본모음 (basic vowels) and 기본자음 (basic consonants) on day one. I guess I’ll be an employee by day and a student by night which means sleep is a  blessing and having meals are big deals. However, three days after my first class, Pocoyo got sick because of dengue fever and I had to take care of him withstanding the new schedule that I ought to have adjusted. I’ve never been so frustrated and so worried in my entire life that I was not able to sleep properly for three days. If it weren’t for my family, friends and colleagues I’ll be like floating in the air like dandelion. All thanks to them, Pocoyo’s stressful illness has been cured and was discharged from the hospital in 5 days.


Just so not to deteriorate Pocoyo’s boredom, I handed him a paint brush and a palette and this is what he came up with

I need to sleep.

Sunday, yes, I woke up from a 12 hour sleep. Much rest than I planned to have and I realized I’ve got things to do after being in the hospital for days. I need to catch up, set my mood for work and fix the filthy house I’ve missed getting done.

I still got time to dye my hair grey.


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