Stud Loop Holes: Long Lost Friendship

It’s okay not to be okay. 

You know what? Screw that! Thanks for all these level-up experiences, I can finally sit down and be contented to listen to whatever people are telling. In the end, the most interesting stories are the things that I haven’t experienced. Not the things that I’ve been through, the things that are happening and the things that ought to happen.

I always have good conversations with people that I am with. Hearing about their mischiefs, their troubles, the happiness, the joyful mysteries and almost everything in between. But you know what, when the time they’ll ask about my story, I’ll simply say “read me” and then I divert the topic to my bragging dot com rights so as not to be too personal – which I honestly can’t handle.

This is how I handle my sanity. I write so I would not be in despair. That’s a simple thought which means I’m not an ass hole.

This is the part where I have to grudge about being told to feature him on this page. If you are reading this one, don’t worry I’ll try not to tell anyone about your BDSM. Except the people who probably won’t figure this one out reading.

Catching up…

What does that even mean to me?

I received a call late this evening from a year old unseen very close friend. He said he wanted to spare his lunch break (call centre time) just so he’ll to know that I am okay.

Yes, this person asked me to sit down and talk about life’s displeasure over a cup of tea and some chips around the corporate avenue. The things that I’ve accepted to disregard. The connections I’ve ignored and the things that I would not even bother missing. I mean, what the fuck?

Questions like “how are you?” has an automatic response from my brain which is “You know, same old shit. Brand new fucks.” But of course, I could not utter that. He must’ve had a turmoil after reading this. Seriously, it was a nice time to sit down and talk about what’s ups and what nots.

Also, it was the nice time for me to trade my stud earrings with his loop hole ring. What was his name again?


He’s a good friend. Good friends always asks “are you okay?”

Well, it’s okay not to be okay.



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