My Random Currently


Having a complete plate of breakfast while on a proper table and seating is now a luxury to me. I missed having normal breakfasts. I missed home cooked meals. The thought of not being able to cook what I want to eat is a disastrous feeling right now. But anyway, I am moving outside of the box and discovering things that I have not thought about doing.

Since I’ve been tagging along with my thoughts for the past few months, I decided to set aside those things and begin my search for another Japanese TV drama series. This time, I ended up with the Memorandum of Kyouko Okitegami. Aired late last year. A live adaptation of the investigative and detective inspired manga novel Kyoko Okitegami no Bibouroku written by Isin Nisio.


Kyoko Okitegami, a very distinct young female detective because of her white hair has claimed her fame because she can end investigations in just a day. She has earned her client’s trust over confidentiality because her memory – including her client’s name, time, events and even herself- will reset when she wakes up from sleeping or even taking a nap. Because of this rare medical condition, she writes in her skin “I am Okitegami Kyoko, detective. My memory is reset after one day.” Which makes the whole story more interesting. It gets more interesting when she met Yakusuke Kakushidate, a poor guy who always gets involved in trouble. As Kyoko constantly crosses path with him, they formed a bond of which Kyoko could not understand as she initially does not trust anyone except herself. But that’s the whole point of the series.

What caught my attention is that the story has a keen heart for the love of art. The history of artists whether fiction or fact engraved the viewers that artistically inclined people needs to appreciated and nurtured.

There’s this one episode where Kyoko-San and Yakusuke handled a case that lead me to research about the masters of modern art Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. They mutually inspire each other to create wonderful works. Warhol’s manipulation of scale and colour of Marilyn Monroe shaped the modern art and Basquiat is popular with graffiti and street arts. I’ve first heard about Jean-Michel Basquiat during my graffiti convention months ago and I was astounded how he came up with his street arts that instantly and how his works are awesome expensive.


Andy Warhol’s Famous Campbell Soup Ilustration


Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Doodles

I think I also have my Basquiat and Warhol with me. Amongst the people that surrounds me, there’s these two persons who reminds me that I need to draw and that I need not to forget about my love for art. So whenever possible, I’ll always be reminded to draw.


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