Lucky Sketch Comis: Why Am I Excited To Be Part Of #DDIBarkada


I planned it for almost two weeks.  I told my sister about being part of the #DDIBarkada and she actually approved and supported me with this endeavor and she agreed that she will take care of Pocoyo (my 5 year old handsome son) for me over the duration of the acquaintance party which will be held on Saturday, September 3, 2016. I know that this is what they call ‘opportunity knocks only once’ thing so I instantly got pumped up and researched, took the necessary information, FC-ed sir Glen Santillan and be part of the pioneering Davao Digital Influencers.

Since college, I’ve always been very excited about being part of any organizations for reasons I know I would not regret since A.) there’ll be a lot of new people to meet. Not that I’ve got too many friends, but I’ve learned the value of connection and most definitely friendship, of course! B.) There has been a lot of knowledge that I gained from joining organizations and there is so much more to learn. I feel like I am in search for a rock to puncture and wait for water to come out so I can drink it. That’s how thirsty I am for ideas and learning. You know, I’ve been taking care of this blog for 5 years now and I realized- seeing there are a lot of exceptional bloggers in Davao, I felt like I have not yet achieved the erudite award, although I’m not seriously thinking about that…but it’s a thing that needs to be considered. Come to think of it, I have not yet received any recognition with this blog since this was private for almost 3 years because some blog posts here are too personal not until I discovered the password enabled entry function and C. I know I’ve got so many things that I could help not to mention my passion with anything that is inclined with art; I could contribute my time to volunteer for a cause without ever thinking anything in return. That’s the least that I could do to help the society but of course, again, as I have mentioned, there are so many things to learn from people and by being part of the brave front of the Davao Digital Influencers, who wouldn’t be excited?

Come on, there are thousands of Davao bloggers out there and just by knowing there are only 51 members-  I actually am bashful to admit it but my soul says “Hooooooraaaay!” – I feel honored to be bagged in. Sorry I need to be honest; I felt like I won an award just by being part of the team.

#DDIBarkada is my kick starter. This is my breakthrough involvement because I consider myself as a neophyte blogger for I have stashed this blog for quite some time now and barred it from readers. I learned that writing your thoughts is as brave as not screaming for an open wound. Being able to honestly write your thought is considered bravery.


Anyway, I am looking forward to be influenced by my #DDIBarkada and to influence in return. Not to be cheesy but I shall enumerate them here:

1. To be taught and to teach.
2. To inspire others as I have also been inspired by the sketch bloggers that I look up to.
3. To create good things even if nobody appreciates it.
4. To be informed and inform
5.  To be educated
6. To meet new great minds and to share ideas with my fellow Davao bloggers
7. To enjoy.

Why am I excited to be part of #DDIBarkada?
-Because this is legit and every cool people are in it too!


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