Siberian Husky Lover

It has been over four months since Zenia let me take care of his then 8 month old female Siberian Husky named Lucy. It’s really one of my dream to own a dog since I was in High School and it’s a bonus dream if it’s a husky. My grandmother forbids us of taking care of these fluffy creatures for reasons which I did not ask. Maybe she’s allergic to the sound of it or maybe because she was traumatized by the negative experience my brother encountered way back 1996 with the stray dogs on our street. That’s also the reason my brother despises dogs to begin with until now. I pity him.

Now, Lucy is almost a year old and since then my life has changed.

Four months ago, I really had no idea on how to take care of high breed dogs. I can simply paint all dog breeds with a single brush as just dogs. That’s it. I did not know they need customized care and attention back then but when Lucy came, I took initiative of researching more about Siberian Huskies to be more specific. I joined a pet dog organization called the Davao Dog Lovers Association and received peer coaching, advises and good-pet knowledge from the members of the group. In short, I was deeply engaged with the dog world and considered myself as a full-pledged dog lover since then. I constantly talk to my office mates which are also dog lovers about tips and tricks on how to take care of these dogs like a pro. I also constantly take a walk around the village park on Sunday afternoons as advised by my sister’s dog whisperer friend. For four months, I have been taking care of Lucy like she’s my daughter. She made me smile when I was really sad. She makes me comfortable when I feel ill. She makes me alert whenever I feel alone. She’s the best thing that happened when the world turned its back on me.

I am really thankful for Zenia because he put his trust in me to take care of Lucy. I am really very grateful for the two of them because they took away my depression. I remember once he said “We both own Lucy” and I could not be more happier in hearing that. I am attached to Lucy no matter how I try to convince myself I shouldn’t put my time and efforts with her because it’s stuck onto my mind that one day she’ll be taken away from me. But of course, all I need was that one sentence affirmation of co-owning Lucy. Again, since then, because of Lucy, I also grew a deeper bond with Zenia which we both ended up becoming best friends with each other. As if he was my long lost brother or something We’ve had crazy plans and ideas which I absolutely tolerated. Not to mention his crazy secret Do-It-Yourself classified costume. Which makes him very busy while I was on a dog-walk.

Do you understand what I am saying?

-The dog saved my soul.

We’ve got good plans up on our sleeves with Siberian Huskies and we are planning to put up our very own Kennel in the future. It’s a bit of a long journey but I am most definitely willing to learn. As for now, I am still trying my best to adapt these changes and research more about Huskies’ temperaments and how to tame them. While Zenia keeps on stitching and drafting and ironing silk and painting and all sorts of stuffs which I probably think he has never done before.

What about you? How is your year doing?



2 thoughts on “Siberian Husky Lover

  1. The love for my new Husky, Cherokee led me to this page. I think it’s lovely what you and Lucy have. I hope that you still get to see her and play with her often being as that this was posted about a year ago. ❤

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