Less Friends Matters

It makes sense to me now after reading “when you are 18-26 years old, you will meet temporary people in your life.”

You know I felt a little bad about myself knowing that my college friends are doing better than I am on social medias. I know that’s stupid but that’s what I feel. Did you realized what I just said? I was blinded by their happiness that I actually forget that I have mine to matter. Having too many friends makes you depressed. There is no need for us to impress everyone we meet actually that’s what I learned. I was an open book before and let everyone come to my world and let them judge me. I don’t want that anymore.

Anyway, there’s not much has happened to me since my travel except that I got sick for two weeks and it cost me 5 days off from work. The doctor says my respiratory system has an infection and I needed to be isolated. Which did not happen since I constant am being invited out by my best friend for dinner. I warned her that I am contagious but then again I guess she ignored my remark and now she too has been sick for two days. Two of my other friends blame me too for their flu which I really don’t care because I know they could handle it more than I do.

Other thing is that I decided to include SV, our erudite comrade on my sketches. Thus, what’s shown above is attached. This is my first time drawing Zenia Yevgeni, Akiru Wuchen and Amihan Ross out of their costumes and in with the summer attires. Well I guess getting out of that comfort zone feels good after all.

I’m still struggling to juggle the things I needed and wanted to do. Those are studying Hangeul, read a book, edit and rewrite our graphic novel, blog, drawing, spending time with my dog, looking for a time with my family, work, work and work.

This life is such a cool thing to have right now.


3 thoughts on “Less Friends Matters

  1. Hope you’re feeling better!
    I used to be like you, comparing my own life to the lives of more ‘successful’ peers. Having relatives who like to point out how well your cousins/friends are doing hasn’t helped, but I realise that I’m living my own life.
    You seem to have alot on your plate to keep you busy ! The important thing is to stay happy and healthy. 🙂

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