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There’s a huge difference between wanting to watch a movie and watch a movie just because someone recommends it for you to watch. Wanting to watch a movie is such a good thing to do because that’s what you wanted to in the first place. In my case, wanting to watch the live adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin means I’d die if I couldn’t watch it. The same goes for any kinds of Japanese animation live adaptation such as Gantz and Death Note except The Ghost in the Shell that is.

Having a hard time, excreting some effort looking for the suggested movie to watch seems such a dragging thing to do because you get to look for copies of the movie being told and trying to figure out why it has been recommended that I should watch it is a whole lot different from what I have mentioned above.

Zenia often suggests movies to watch based on the conversations we are having. People who brag to you to watch a certain movie are for keeps. FOR REAL. It only shows that they understand you and your position that they want you to understand how life works based on the movies that they’ve already watched. I’m not really a movie-goer kind of person but if you insist, I will certainly watch it and tell you my reviews afterward. In this case, I’ve passed 3 movies now and it hit me so hard that I wanted to post this blog RIGHT NOW.

Below are the movies that I have watched and never have I thought to watch since I have no idea what are these for.

The Wedding Ringer

Starring Kevin Hart and Josh Gad. A story of a groom who doesn’t have a best man and groomsmen in time of his wedding. As he does not want his soon to be wife to know that he’s such a boring, lonely man, he hired a wedding ringer which basically does all the groomsmen package that makes the groom look good to his wife during the wedding. Here’s the thing, boys needs boys to back them up with all the stupid crazy stuff that boys only do and that is much harder to explain but I can say that it all ends up in beer. This is such a good movie to watch especially for the men who are about to get married. If you are one of them, please just don’t marry someone you don’t truly and honestly love. That’s it. It’s okay to be single as long you are honest to yourself. If you’re meant to be, then you are meant to be. In my friend’s case, I can’t buy him a wife but I definitely can be sure that I have good stories to tell during his wedding.

Pay It Forward

Starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment. A story of a boy who found out he could change someone’s life by doing the extra mile of help for a person and then the beneficiary of the help pays it forward and eventually become a chain of good impact to change the society. Although this endeavor was only meant for a 10-year-old student’s assignment, it gets better each day as the chain continues to be successful. What does this have to do with my life is that I’ve unconsciously paying it forward to someone else because I too have received the paying it forward mission. Yes, my best friend soulfully, without bragging about it has been helping me with all her heart for years and I have thought of paying it forward to another person. That’s why, the one who suggested me to watch this felt that I have been paying it forward to him. I guess he’ll pay it forward for someone some time in the future. Such a great movie to watch indeed.


Starring Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Jude Law, and Clyde Owen. A serious, tragic love story about four people who crossed path with other, discovering their inhibitions, their pain, their love encounters and every thing that it needs to overcome when it comes to dealing with relationships. This is such a complicated story because all the four characters are having cross relationship with the other. Natalie Portman’s character, at the end has become totally a different person. Changing her name, her looks and her whereabouts just so she could forget the very painful experience with love. That’s really sad. I actually don’t like the movie that much. But since it’s Natalie Portman, I really loved it. LOL.

Well, that’s about it.

Thank for reading this very long post.


2 thoughts on “Movie Reviews Lately

  1. Yes, I have been practicing the Pay It Forward charity since last year 2016. I started with my best friend. I said to him, I am just returning the favor since I was also been helped by my other best friend. So he suggested that should watch this movie because that’s what I am doing. I didn’t know about this movie until then. Cool!

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