Amihan Ross Illustration


Look! I had some serious amount of time trying to illustrate Amihan Ross on a different scale. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. All I need is enough time to do it. That’s it and the rest is…well, sleepless hours but worth it.

Trying to look back, I had these set of illustrations before I came up with the drawing above.


I think this is a bit of a younger version of Amihan. She looks like 9 years old here or something. The concept style for this one was Disney cartoon style. I did this I guess last 2014. Where I probably am not sure what colors to use. I guess sticking to the palette really helped.


This version of Amihan took me a very hard position to conceptualize since I started illustrating the two other characters with the same illustrations or drawing style with Naruto characters. I think it didn’t helped. LOL


I believe this was my first illustration of Amihan but she wasn’t called with that back then. She was just simple someone I know who exists always in my mind. I used iPhone4s for this one. It shows that the lines are messy.


This illustration is my favorite. As you can see, I used it on most of my web pages. I don’t know, I guess this one has an easy get go kind of image. Like the ones that you can see on morning cartoons where you only need to care about is the light story. My kind of animation.

Through the years huh? Looking forward for more improvements. What do you think? Did I improve or what? I guess I only improved with confidence. Haha!


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