Black Hog Davao



I decided to roll out skateboarding this evening since my Husky won’t be able to walk for hours as she has some tick issues. Just a short stroll I found this dinner pub place at V. Mapa Street, Corner Mabini Street, Davao City- the BlackHog.

I must say, their food was very familiar yet they were able to lift the flavors. I’m talking about their grilled binagoongan which I had the urge to order after reading it. I had an instant ratatouille moment where I flash-backed and I remembered my grandmother’s cooking. Maybe that’s the reason why I made this post. I missed her binagoongan style. At least when I miss it, I’ll just simply ride my way to BlackHog. They temporarily filled my puzzle of missing my grandmother’s dishes. 

Wait, since when did I just become a food blogger?

I asked them if I could feature their restaurant here on my blog and sure fire thing they permitted me to grab some of their photos. So thank you po! #BlackHog is a small local business that was born with pure passion, recipes passed down from generation to generation given the innovative twist of today’s trend.



What’s the best thing about this gastro pub is that you can easily just drop by- maybe from your bike, your trike, your car or even on your skate. Just sit down and order easily from their menu. The place was minute from traffic sounds so dining would be another solemn focused on their food. Believe me, they’ve got good set of foods waiting for you to eat. See here:

This one here is locally known as “putok batok”. Crispy crackling skin and the tenderness of the meat. The dish is best served with bagoong monamon, it is a dip made of fermented anchovies. For a twist it is topped with their homemade pickled green mangoes.

13612403_608161092677786_470967540023092819_nThe blackhog ribs. The dish that made me consume two cups of rice. No need for soy sauce or any dip because the dish was dressed pretty well. Smooth and satisfying. I believe this is their best seller. Perfect with atchara.

Blackhog’s family classic recipe the Wapay’s Patros. A great contender to the streaming roasted chicken and I bet this will win. Best with cucumber on vinegar.


Juicy special porkchop. Not your ordinary PorkChop. I want this now!


Boneless Teriyaki chicken with coleslaw. They also serve Java rice.

Lucky Sketch Verdict

Food: 8/10 – It was really good. No char.
Price: 7/10 – It suits the menu
Location: 9/10 – Easily be reached
Staff: 9/10 – It’s self service but they still took care
everything what we need.
Place: 10/10 – Calm place, not much noise. Simple dinner,
simple talk. You can bring your dog.


Location: Door B-8 Mabini Commercial Complex, 777 V. Mapa St.,
Poblacion District, Davao City Davao City 8000

Contact:  0942 743 0424
Operating Hours: Lunch =  11:00AM-02:00PM
Dinner = 06:00PM-10:00PM


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