Why Are We More Creative At Night And How To Deal With It


Offer me a project and I’ll finish it ASAP as long as love life and future plans does not blink into my mind at night.

I’ve recently had a thing about 2AM thoughts or commonly known as 3AM thoughts lately. I got the idea from my friend’s crush. She often sleeps around 3AM and she rants at 2:30AM about her life’s little malfunctions and boy they are awesome fun legit to read!

Why do our minds work better during at night? Why do some crazy ideas pop out inadvertently and inappropriately at night? You know I’ve read about this thing called the Circadian Rhythm. For hell you care it means that throughout the ages, humans has developed a rhythm where when the moon shows up, we sleep and wakes up when the sun comes in return. The same goes as the routines when it’s time to eat, to defecate or maybe go to work. That’s a pattern of which we sometimes do not care about because it comes out naturally. Have it ever crossed your mind that you are one hell of a crazy creative genius because you’ve been owl-ing all night trying to figure out why are you still awake without knowing the real reason? Really, why do our brains go wild with ideas during when we are about to sleep?

This is my very own understanding about this issue, okay? This has not been proved correct or have gone through any research or whatsoever. JUST PLAINLY my two cents. But if you agree with me, just click on the donate button at the lower left corner of this page. Haha!

A rough explanation about why I am 2AM thoughts problems.

During the days activities, we have lots of thinking and ideas which may have been forgotten in an instant. Maybe we sat down on a cafe and thought “Maybe blue is a better color for my palette” or “I’ll try to sketch her if I have time” which we did not remember to do because we didn’t jot it down on a notebook or added it on an entry to our phones. Also, some of those are thoughts waiting to be solved, some problems waiting to be pondered. These are just the examples of work-to-be or though-to-be which did not happen during the day. So, what happens is that when we are about to go to sleep, our frontal lobe, in our brains, during relaxation of tension is that it releases the “exhausted” air which carries out those things, those thoughts which you have gathered during the day. It makes you want to do them abruptly and the problem is that it sometimes disregards our sleep. Thus, 3AM thoughts exists and so is this blog post.

Why Are We More Creative At Night And How To Deal With It?
Simple. Because we did not give enough time to think and pause.
Before going to sleep, you can follow this breathing pattern which was introduced to me by another friend at times when we discussed we were cursed by the forest to not be able to sleep:

  • Breathe in deeply through your nose for 4 seconds
  • Hold your breath for 7 seconds
  • Exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds

“If it does not solve your problem, just put the sleep card on the table.”

In my case, I was thinking about my love life and my future. Just like any normal guy out there.

Good night!


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