Work Sleep Commitments

Work Sleep Responsibilities

Trying my best to adjust to my new illustration platform. You guys probably didn’t know that I do my sketches and comics on my iPhone and I am not sure if you can see the difference because people who have background with drawing using software probably will. I think I’m getting used to Adobe Illustrator now. I better buy back my pen tablet soon.

Today’s thoughts will be based about this quote:


This reflective quote teaches us that no one really deserves to be alone even if your vocation is to become single blessedness. Well, if that’s the case you still need another person to talk to or maybe a dog. Since last night’s topic was all about having to deal with life’s malfunctions, how people cope up and recover from it differently, made us realize that it’s okay to have these problems as long as you have someone who you can talk to and share your experiences even if you know you are nowhere near in solving them.

It’s really hard to write right now.

Better get back to work.

Just a little thought…wait…

Amihan actually highlighted a way which you can relax your mind from thinking about your problems. I mean, this is her way of coping up with stress. She introduced the Exumen. A prayer which the Jesuits follows. You can read it here and maybe apply it on your daily life. I know I have to consider this one too!


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