My Newbie Guide: Dog Registration Procedure


Many dog owners don’t make into consideration of registering their dogs especially if they do not have any intentions of selling or breeding their dogs. But dog owners should realize that registering their dogs opens up a new level of privileges for both pet owners and the dogs. The PCCI (Philippine Canine Club Inc.) is a premier dog registration club in the Philippines which is also highly recognized abroad and is a member of Federacion Cynologique Internationale (FCI) together with its 86-member organizations, the Asia Kennel Union where PCCI is also a full member of, and the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club and the Kennel Club of UK where PCCI has reciprocal agreements. Which means that if you are a member of PCCI and your dog is PCCI registered, you are automatically legitimate to compete internationally. You can also have your dog microchipped for security and identification purposes.

In order for you to get your dog under the Philippine Canine Club, Inc., both the sire (father) and the (dam) should be registered under PCCI. Which means dogs with corresponding pedigree papers are pure bred dogs. Other than that, the Club cannot issue you a certificate of pedigree ownership.

If you own a dog and would like to transfer the dog’s name under your name here are some of the most basic steps you need to consider:

1. If you purchased a dog from a breeder and provided you with a Pedigree Certificate or sometimes coined as “with papers”, at the back you will notice that there are four areas for signatures. Make sure that the 1st part (upper left) contains the signature of the breeder or previous owner or with the co-owner of the previous dog owner in absence of the owner. In my case, before my friend left me my Siberian Husky, he was able to settle the Certificate of Pedigree from the previous owner. So If you are planning to buy a pure breed dog, make sure that the Certificate of Pedigree has been signed by the breeder.PCCI Form Dummy

2. Fill in the second part of the blanks – your name, your contact details and your address. You have an option if you want someone to co-own the dog. If in case you have one, once the transfer has been approved, the owner’s and co-owner’s name will be printed at the PCCI Pedigree Certificate.

1 by 1

3. Prepare 2 1×1 pictures of yourself. 1 picture will be used for your membership ID and the other one probably for PCCI filing.

4. Secure a copy of the PCCI membership form. If you live in Luzon you can just simply visit their office and sign up there. If you live nowhere near Manila, you can just download the form here. Fill up all the information needed. The membership card form serves as the membership application form.

5. Provide 2 photocopies of your two valid IDs.

6. Pay the registration fee. You have four options for payment.

a. Direct payment at the PCCI office,
b. Payment to authorized PCCI staff during official PCCI sanctioned events
c. Deposit the payment to the PCCI bank accounts
d. Through 3rd party channels

In my experience, I just paid through bank deposit. It’s cheaper (doesn’t cost you anything) and safer. You can choose these banks for you to make your payment:

For U.S. Dollar Account:
Account Number: 112352000168
Name of Bank: CHINABANK
Branch: 1123 E. RODRIGUEZ SR. BLVD.
Swift Code: CHBK PHMM

For PESO Account:

Account Number: 3660068858
Branch: E. RodriguezAccount Name: PHILIPPINE CANINE CLUB, INC.
Account Number: 223-1801186
Branch: E. Rodriguez

Note: For more options please proceed to PCCI Payment Options.

7. Mail All the requirements needed including the payment or the deposit slip which serves as your proof of payment (be sure to make a copy of it just in case) here:

Rm. 206 Hillcrest Condominium
1616 E. Rodriguez, Sr. Avenue corner Hillcrest Street
Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

8. Here are the fees you need to prepare

  • Membership Fee                      – Php 336.00
  • Admission Fee                          – Php 392.00
  • PCCI Plastic ID card                 – Php   44.80
  • Return Mail Fee                        – Php 120.00
  • Transfer of ownership            – PhP 392.00Php1,284.80

In about a couple of weeks, your dog’s paper and your PCCI I.D. will be at your doorsteps.

Please take note that PCCI may charge you for late registration of your dog(s). I think that’s 3 months from the date of transfer and they might ask you to have your dog microchipped which will cost you another peso.

Well, that’s about it. If you have any question, feel free to drop in at the comment section below or email me at

Thank you very much!


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