Dog Illustrations Overload

Chibi Siberian Husky

Couldn’t possibly think I was able to illustrate my own set of dog designs in just two months. They look possibly easy to draw I’ll tell you, but drawing using only a PC mouse is not an easy thing to do. I used to draw using Wacom Intuos Pen and Tab before but I somewhat have lost interest with it maybe because I was really frustrated to not being able to instantly learn how to use it. That’s why I stocked it on my room and found out somebody else is interested to buy it so I instantly sold it without a doubt.

Well, can you recognize a PC Mouse drawn illustration from a Wacom Pen and Tab Illustration? If you are not so much into details then you probably won’y notice any difference. But hey, I guess they all look just fine at the end.

I’ve enumerated the most familiar breed and made an illustration of them. Can you guess what breed they are?

Of course, that’s not the last resort because I learned now to appreciate the drawing device knowing how difficult it is not to have one. Such a lame story.

Yes, I’ve worked as a digital marketing staff at a Travel Agency for only about three months. I’ve developed and improved so much while working with them. That’s why I was able to create these dog designs. Apart from these illustration design, our team merchandised these and put it into mugs, bag tags and other print materials such as sticker and the like.

The left one is a bag tag and the right one is a mug. Well in case you are willing to purchase these items, they are all posted in Scyther’s Facebook page here.

I’ve got a big project in the future inclined again with dog designs for Pawfect Dog Cafe. It’ll be a great transition but I know it’s going to be better.


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