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We’ve finally constituted the core group slash set of officers for a pet organization which me and an acquaintance founded and organized. I have not been able to write something about how the group was founded maybe because I was in deep focused with my other stuff such as the business partnership and spending time at work. Just in case I’d be able to update that part, it will be posted at a separate blog which I also manage and own here: . It was productive meeting and set up that the greetings went really well. We’ve also discussed about the group’s future activities and the lot and some other stuff which I have already voice recorded. I almost had in my tongue of spilling the beans about the real meaning of the organization’s logo as I have a personal touch with it. But decided not to share it anyway. Here’s how the logo looked like:

Husky Symbol

Wait, I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to show you this new found location which- if you are a thinker, an artist and or the studious type – then you’ll definitely get the chill with this place.

This Place looks really nice and really comfortable. I’ve just recently listed coffee shops around Davao City which offers the best of the best tranquility for your all days concentration work and now I found a perfect place for that. Someone told me that this isn’t a new place actually. It began to operate just about last year and never have I ever heard about this place until me and Tyraell found ourselves stuck under a very humble rain. We asked the seriously petite lady who is working at this Study Hub and she gleefully introduced to us their service.

Behold, Seekhana Study Hub…


Seekhana Study Hub a completely perfect place to study. Common nowadays are students and professionals who seek a place to sit down and focus with their work and or with their studies. Coffee shops bloomed around with that specific market, offering an area simply dedicated to people who desire peace for work and study.

For just about a P100.00 you can stay here for 3 hours as walk ins and enjoy an unlimited coffee, space of your choice, the silence, free charging, FREE wifi of course and enjoy the meals that they offer such as meatloaf, rice, hotdog, tocino, corned beef, rice and eggs. For P200.00 you get to stay here for 24hours with either unlimited coffee or unlimited lemonade. To make it easier, here’s the rates and details:

Prepaid Elite Membership
(1 month with unli coffee, wifi, and charging)
40 hours open time: P749
60 hours open time: P999
100 hours open time: P1499

Walk-in Rates:
3 hours: P100
24 hours: P200

Sleeping Kit:

As this is a cafe, the price range from food is around P75-P200 and they also offer cold brews, sandwiches, cookies, cakes, brownies, other snacks such as junk foods like peanuts, potato chips and all those stuff.



Can you just imagine that I only asked the lady in charge for pictures and these are all that I got.

A week after our peeping, I visited the study hub and I only used the P100 rate as I’ll only have to experience the area and yes, it was legit perfect place to be productive.

For more information, just go and check our their Facebook page here.

Who’s Hana anyway?


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